Lovense Edge Prostate Massager

Lovense Edge Prostate Massager
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  • App control can be a lot of fun
  • Easy to adjust

This article is both a review of the Lovense Edge Prostate Massager and an overview of how to use a prostate massager if you’re new to the sex toy.

Sleekly designed, black, adjustable and waterproof. The Lovense Edge Prostate Massager is designed to, as they say Lovense Edge Prostate Massager reviewon their site, hit the spot. It features two vibrators for both internal and external areas.

It connects to your phone and that’s when the real fun begins.

The app is essentially a remote control which can be used directly to increase the speed of vibrations or delegated to a partner from afar to control at their pleasure. There are over 5,000 patterns you can choose from in the templates. There are also two additional features – one which syncronises to music and the other which is sensitive to sound.

The sound, in particular, is great for foreplay as the vibrations can correspond to a voice. Or for those more adventurous could be taken out on the town to a nightclub – although this could become too intense for many.

Batteries on the Lovense Edge Prostate Massager can last up to two hours with continuous usage and can be recharged using a USB charging cable (provided).

If you have never used a prostate massager before, you’re in for a treat. Often called the male g-spot, the prostate is a real pleasure centre for guys. I first played with a vibrator when I was about 19 and the vibration touching my prostate gave me an orgasm like no other.

How to use

Prostate massagers can be impossibly pleasurable but if you’re new to anal play, it may take practice. Inserting anything into your anus for the first time can be a strange experience, and even uncomfortable.

First off, you need lube. There are lots of options but water-based lubricant is the only one you should use. Use lots to begin with (it’s best to have a towel the first time).

It’s recommended to lie on your back and rub some lube on your anus (or get a partner to). Then squeeze some onto the anal part prostate massager – particularly around the end.

Hold at a slight angle and slowly insert the massager. The base vibrator should be pointing toward the back of your scrotum. Go slowly. I tend to find inserting a few inches in, to begin with, and waiting a few minutes until you’re relaxed. Then slowly pushing a little deeper.

The lovense edge prostate massager is adjustable so if it’s not right – take it out and adjust. Keep adding lube – there’s no such thing as too much lube! If you find it hurts too much – stop and try again another time. Some guys use a smaller practice butt plug to stretch the anus a little.

After a few uses it becomes a lot easier (and feels amazing) – so persevere. But if it’s really not for you – do not force it – check the instructions and consider a plan b.

The Lovense Prostate Massager is available from LoveHoney (UK) or Amazon (US).

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8 Total Score
A great little anal sex toy - be it just for you or for a couple

  • App control can be a lot of fun
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can be tricky to set-up
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