The Ultimate Straight Guys Guide To Sex Toys

Let us begin with a disclaimer. Yes, we all know there’s an entire range of sexual preferences and tastes. Some guys are into girls, some guys are into guys, some both, some are curious, some are not. To keep it nice and simple for the author (and also some sex toys are very realistic next to the real thing) we’ve added this article for straight guys, this one for gay guys and this one for couples. Feel free to read all three and mix/match the hints, tips and advice accordingly. Phew, now that’s out of the way – we shall begin.

Sex toys are all the rage. Like masturbation, guys may not talk about it – but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing it. The sales alone speak for themselves. Sure, having sex is amazing – the feeling, the smell, the taste, the experience. But that doesn’t mean that sex toys are a poor substitute. More an extension of the experience. Guys use sex toys for all sorts of reasons. For experimentation, for practice, during sex or… obviously… to get off. So sit back, relax and read our beginners guide to male sex toys.

Prostate Massager

Men have prostates, we know this. What we don’t all know is that done right – playing with them can be amazing. A lot of guys think of the pain and ignore the pleasure aspect. With enough practice and patience – playing with Lovense Edge Prostate Massageryour anus can be a pain-free and immensely pleasurable experience.

Prostate massagers are designed to slowly go into your anus and well, massage your prostate. They’re often made of silicone and some vibrate (which is wow). They can be used by themselves, but if done while masturbating can produce an orgasm off the Richter scale. They can also be used by couples during sex which is a great bonus kink.

Just remember to use water based lube as, unlike a vagina, that area doesn’t self-lubricate.

Butt Plugs

Yes, agreed it’s not the best name – but that’s sex industry marketing for you. Butt plugs have two purposes generally. Butt PlugsOne as a pleasure device. Two, as a way of training the anus (stretching). This may seem obvious if you’re into guys, but for straight men, it can be a great way of building up to prostate massagers, dildos or for those kinky couples, pegging (the act of being penetrated by your partner with a strap-on).

They’re shaped to be taken slowly and some contain more than one with small to larger sizes to allow you time to work up.

Penis Pumps

Okay, okay, okay. We all know the jokes. We’ve all seen the films. But Penis Pumps have become hugely popular in the past decade. They usually work one of two ways – using air or using water – both creating a vacuum on the penis. Used over time they’re supposed to enhance the girth and length of the penis. There are so many opinions on the longevity of this that we’ll probably cover it in a seperate article – suffice to say, always read the reviews as some are sworn by, others are sworn at.

Cock Rings

Very simple, cock rings are designed to go at the base of the penis. When erect the cock ring constricts the flow of blood to the penis. This produces the effect of a harder erection and usually, longer lasting erections. Simple.


These are not the only type of male masturbators – but they are certainly popular. Fleshlights are essentially realistic feeling masturbators that, when used on your penis, simulates the feeling of oral or vaginal sex.

Things Just Got Real

Okay, we’ve established the ground rules. The objects. Now for a little more realism. This is where sex toys take on the appearance and sensation of real life. Don’t worry if you’re not into this – it’s a bit of a marmite type of thing – you like it or you don’t.

There are a few variations of these toys. Generally, they split into two categories. Toys designed to look like the real thing and toys that are moulded after the actual real thing.

Realistic Vaginas

Veronica Rodriguez Caliente Textured Fleshlight Girls

These are available with all different shapes, sizes and functions. The most common being the fleshlight. The basic kind are fleshlights with a mouth resembling the labia (lips), vagina and feel of the real thing. Several models are available moulded on the pussy of real women, often porn stars. In the picture, for example, is a fleshlight cast from the vulva of Veronica Rodriguez, the Venezuelan porn star who has racked up millions of views on PornHub alone.

The Fleshlight mentioned uses Fleshlight’s SuperSkin material to feel like the real thing and can accommodate a penis length of up to nine inches.

For even more realism there are moulded vaginas and bottoms to give THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Mega Masturbatorthe effect of doggy style. It works similar to the fleshlight but against a more sturdy unit. You can penetrate the vagina, the arse or swap between the two. The arse (or ass for Americans) is designed to give the tight effect you have with anal sex, while the pussy is designed to feel like… well, a pussy. It’s worth mentioning that being able to hold the hips while you thrust away gives that extra added thrill.

But if that’s not enough for you (greedy!) then there are also sex toys which not only include the arse and vagina but also realistic breasts. You THRUST Pro Elite Georgia Realistic Vagina, Ass and Tits Masturbatorcan penetrate her standing, sitting, missionary, doggy – whatever you want while experiencing the tactile feeling of breasts. It’s a little large, it’s a little expensive, but it’s a lot of fun.

The final sex toy of realism we’ve saved for last. The sex doll. In the 80’s people often associated sex dolls with cheap inflatables. Thankfully, they’ve evolved massively since then. Not only do they feel realistic – THRUST Pro Elite Georgia Realistic Vagina, Ass and Tits Masturbatorthey look real too. You can even go so far as to have these custom designed – although the costs associated are steep.


This guide is not exhaustive. There are dozens of different types of sex toys out there – but hopefully, this handy guide has helped start you on your journey to male sex toys.

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