The Ultimate Gay Guys Guide To Sex Toys

Welcome to the Ultimate Guys Guide to Gay Sex Toys. Let us begin with a disclaimer. Yes, we all know there’s an entire range of sexual preferences and tastes. Some guys are into girls, some guys are into guys, some both, some are curious, some are not. To keep it nice and simple for the author (and also some sex toys are very realistic next to the real thing) we’ve added this article for gay guys, this one for straight guys and this one for couples. Feel free to read all three and mix/match the hints, tips and advice accordingly. Phew, now that’s out of the way – we shall begin.

There’s an urban myth that a plus to being gay is that “you know what the other person wants because you have the same equipment” or some variation. Unfortunately, many times – it’s not true. The same goes for gay sex toys. One person’s turn-on is another person’s turn-off. Different toys may appeal depending on if you’re active, versatile, passive or simply not into anything bum related.

There are lots and lots of variations of sex toys for gay men. These range from the vanilla to the somewhat extreme of the fetishist spectrum. This guide is only a brief overview of the mainstream ones (though we will go into more detail on others in other articles in the future).

Anal Dildos

Never ever mistake an anal dildo for the same vibrators a woman can use. If they’re small, the chances they could slip from your hand and get stuck in your anal passage is greater. Men have made this mistake for centuries – placing household or unsuitable objects up their bottoms only to have them sucked up and lodged deep inside. Anal dildos are generally larger and have a base to stop the vacuum sucking them up. Lesson over.

Anal Dildos are exactly what they sound – dildos for your anus. It’s great for practice or pleasure and comes in all King Cock Realistic Suction Cup Dildosorts of materials and sizes. Like a real erect penis, you may need some practice to get used to it. You also should use lots of (water bases) lube.

Prostate Massagers

Unlike an anal dildo – these are designed with one thing in mind, massaging the anal g-spot; the prostate. There are a few variations of these but most prostate massagers are adjustable with vibrations on both the end you insert and the end that rests just below your scrotum.

Many come with wifi/Bluetooth functions which can connect to your (or a partners) phone via an app. This allows control at the touch of a button. Kinky and intense.

Cock Rings

These have been around for decades and we’ve seen them out and about being used a lot. Usually, this is a steel ring that you place at the base of the penis. This puts pressure on blood flow thus extending the hardness of your erection as well as the longevity.

Butt Plugs

Possibly not the most glamorous of names but yes, a butt plug is a plug that you insert up your bottom. These can be used either for practice or enjoyment (or both!). As a practice tool – they’re ideal for putting inside yourself to stretch your anus for something bigger – be it a real willy or a larger sex toy.


Fleshlights, male masturbators, blowjob machines – they’re all a similar concept. This is a “flesh” like tube that can be used for masturbating. They generally come in a container and can be easily detached and cleaned once you’ve cum.

The Real Deals

Another trend in the male sex toy industry of late is the creation of realistic toys. This comes in two forms – toys which look and feel close to the real thing and toys which are moulded after real guys, such as porn stars.

Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls are harder to come by than female ones – but some of those on the market are a lot of fun. The Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex DollPipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll, for example, includes a full torso, a tight anus and a large realistic penis. The material used is Fanta Flesh to give it a realistic feeling.

That’s it for our brief introduction to Guys Guide To Gay Sex Toys. If you have any suggestions – please comment below.

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